With our good friend Gabe Tayao leaving for the States in a few days, we decided to give him a small send off tambay at one of our favorite parking spots for a quick shoot and drive around the city.
Coincidentally, the Sileighty was just released from the paint shop a few days prior to the sudden decision to hang out. Because of this, Gabe decided to bring out his own camera to shoot a feature video for his Youtube channel.
Gabe arrived in his Lancer Evo 5 after a long day of driving to and from Subic. (Talk about dedication to the car life)
With our small line-up complete, it was time to do what we do best: chill out and talk cars.
As previously mentioned, the Sileighty was just released from the shop for a supposed bumper repaint that turned into a full front end refresh. Thanks to Paint Tricks for making sure that panel alignment would be spot on for the car to look like a proper street car.
Apart from the front end, the side skirts were also repaired and repainted. Roaming around the streets of Manila with an S-chassis running on 15-inch wheels is no joke.
The engine bay was also given some love by the guys over at DMF Drift with a new shade of blue for the valve head cover to compliment the Tomei metal ornament. Safe to say, the makeover makes breaking down look much better.
The OEM headlights were also brought back to life thanks to Angelo Magtoto of Redline Auto Works. They made the 27-year-old headlights look like it came straight out of the factory back in 1994. A pair of amber corner lights were also installed to finish the front end refresh.
As cool as having nice wheels, fresh body kits, or lots of power, nothing makes a car look better than focusing on the small details that people normally don't notice.
A peek of what's next for the Sileighty. The interior is desperately asking for attention.
Buzzhype's Cressida still standing strong with its kits still very much intact. Future build plans are also in the works for this car so stay tuned.
BGC's cityscape was the perfect setting for Gabe's feature video as the urban landscape provided us with great lighting and unique backgrounds. Check out Gabe Tayao's Youtube account for amazing content!
Photos by: Justin Santos
Camera: Nikon F80
Film stock: Lomography 800
Scanned and developed by: Sunny 16 Lab
Words by: Julian Ong
More Photos from our random hang-out below

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