The Manila Street Chronicles assembled different types of car personalities to make the very first Philippine car culture documentary. On this night they assembled and handpicked some tuners, drifters, JDM and euro boys to join them in a night run from BGC to Binondo Manila. 
The starting point was in BGC and when we saw the cars parked there we already know that this will be a good night.
See what we mean by saying this will be a good night?
A TRD 3000 GT A80 Supra just lurking behind an Evo 7
Thutz Lozano's immaculate S15 with 17s and 18s Enkei wheels
Patrick Ng's fully built drift car running on E85
Julian Ong's two toned Sil-Eighty on 15s TE37. This car has been in the internet for days.
Andrew Soqueno's newly built 1JZ IS200 was just in time for this night run
Right after BGC we all went to NAIAX to shoot some rollers and had a quick stop in Okada.
Near our finish line, we past through Jones bridge and of course we can't help but stop and take some photos especially these two skylines.
Eightdecals' MX83 Cressida on shakotan / kyusha look
Our very own Buzzhype demo car
These photos feel like it was Manila's 80s or 90s era.
When we arrived in Binondo around 12MN, we felt like we woke up the whole neighborhood that night lol. Famous vloggers were also present. One of them is Carl Macaisa of South Scene Media.
We all regrouped at a gas station before we part ways. 
Kevin Carlos' RWB R34. This 34 is super low. Glad that all aero parts were intact after the run because the roads going to Binondo were really bad.
I was surrounded with really fast cars that night. It was a struggle catching up with them. Luckily there were some traffic and quick stops.
Fully built Sil-Eighty drift car 
and a street spec Sil-Eighty, both cars were built by DMF Drift
On the other side of the gas station, there's a BMW E30 Touring with an S50 engine swapped. This is the car of Bryan Revilla, the director of Manila Street Chronicles. Seeing this car parked in front of 7 eleven gave me a big Tokyo vibe.
This C-West Evo 7 is just PERFECT!
In front of the Evo 7, you can see Japan's different car sub-cultures. RWB Porsche, Kaido Racer, Legendary 13B RX7, JZ swapped IS200, S15 drift car and a BMW M3. Proud to say that the Philippine car culture is catching up.
How JDM is this? RWB 993 Porsche and an RX7 FD3S
After seeing all the effort that were put by Aurick on this car, I can say that this might be the cleanest and most reliable RX7 FD3S in the Philippines.
oh and there's more, R35, 1 of 1 RWB R34 and of course an MK4 Supra!
Both are special cars, TRD 3000GT MK4 Supra and a 1 of 1 RWB R34 Skyline
This Supra makes around 630hp at the wheels
and it has a clean interior with all the TRD goodies! Peep that gauge cluster!
All I can say is that this night was definitely one for the books and I hope that we can all do this again soon. Big thanks to Manila Street Chronicles and Bryan Revilla for making this possible. Lets all promote our local car culture and enjoy car life.
Congratulations to all of Manila Street Chronicles' team!
Watch the official Manila Street Chronicles documentary here:
Watch my Vlog about this night here: 
Words and photos by Justin Buzzhype
Photos scanned and developed by Sunny 16 Lab
Nikon F80
Ultramax 400
Lomography 800

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